“Working with Ran during the development of the software was an inspiring and enjoyable experience. He understands the needs for software development and knows how to implement them for effective sales, marketing and business development. I appreciate the trust and integrity he brings to the table. His contacts and strategic alliances across the globe are very helpful, which was one of the reasons we asked him to be on our Advisory Board. We are still using Ran’s services to help us grow the company and take it to the next level.”

Oz Vaknin, CEO and Founder, Nantiux, London, UK

“Mesterman Management did an outstanding job doing an in-depth analysis of our company’s operations. They facilitated productive discussions with our team focusing on strategic goals and preparing an operational plan for expanding market share, developing new products, negotiating with new strategic customers and signing deals in other parts of the country. Well done and with appreciation.”

Ran Alon, CFO, Comtal Group

“Working with Ran over the years was an educating and enjoyable experience. He knows his way, has a clear and precise agenda, and performs in a humble, professional manner. Ran is an extremely reliable person with the highest integrity. I would trust him with my life at any time.”

Amir Netiv, Head of R&D, NetoMedia

“We have worked with Ran for six years. Highly professional and dedicated, he works tirelessly and creatively to ensure we meet our goals and stay on budget. With his help, our sales and net revenue have increased dramatically. Ran is very good in presenting his strategic solutions to take the company forward. With his patience, communication skills, determination and his management savvy, he’s made a huge impact on BND.” 

Dan Luzi, owner of BND Woodworking Inc., Guelph, Canada

“Ran is a noble and classy man who has volunteered for us in various ways on multiple occasions. He’s always willing to help, he’s a pleasure to work with and is someone who stands behind his word. We’re fortunate to have Ran as part of our community.”

Galya Sarner,  Director, The Canadian Israeli Project  The Schwartz Reisman Centre,Toronto (Vaughan), Canada

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