Masterman Management is a company for management and organizational consulting, which works to realize the optimal results of small, medium and family organizations, which are in growth or which have not yet exhausted their capacity. Contact with customers is carried out virtually / digitally (by phone, SMS, WhatsApp and email) or by virtual Zoom meetings, video chat.

On this site, many efforts have been invested to make the site accessible for people with disabilities. The website is also built responsively and optimized for mobile devices. The photos are displayed in basic and practical galleries in a large display and high-quality resolution. The texts are written in a clear and simple way to understand.

The Internet platform is a place for production and self-expression, the platform exhausts us for almost everything, such as: buying, selling, acquiring knowledge, looking for work and more. That is why accessibility for people with disabilities on a website is necessary. The adjustment of accessibility on the websites was carried out according to the Law on Equal Rights with Disabilities and the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (TI 5568) at level AA, the website provides support for the accepted usage pattern for operation with a keyboard. The tests were tested for the highest compatibility for Firefox, Edge, Chrome browsers

Accessibility is operated by right-clicking on the sign on the bottom left of all pages on the site.

There are options for: increasing/reducing text, using only gray tones on the site, high contrast, reverse contrast, light background, highlighting links and readable font.

For accessibility issues and suggestions for improvement:

Details of the accessibility coordinator in the organization:
Ran Mesterman through the contact page form on the site

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